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How can I stop spam being posted in our forums?

Spammers will crawl web sites posting junk, inappropriate posts or adverts. You can however restrict this.

If you've received spam in a forum you need to check the security settings of the forum that's receiving spam posts. You can check the forums security as follows:

  1. The simplest way to locate your forum is to first remove one of the abusive posts. To remove an abusive post select the abusive red flag in the top right-hand corner of the post. Can't see the red flag? You'll need to login first before the red flag becomes visible.
  2. Once you've flagged a post as abusive enter the Web Office.
  3. Upon entering the Web office you should see an abuse-flag-redicon appear next to the user-group group where the abusive post was flagged. Select this group folder.
  4. Once the group has loaded select the Forums tab.
  5. The forums in the group should now be displayed and the forum your post is in will have the forum-has-abuse-reported icon next to it, select this forum.
  6. Next you can review the current security settings of the forum by clicking the tast to Change comment security settings for this forum, from the blue task button on the top right.
  7. Click the option to Override interited security settings. For spammers to post in the forum it must be set to allow posts from the public. You could therefore stop any future spam postings by restricting public users to only read posts or not see the forum at all. If you want public users to be able to post in the forums then you can restrict spammers automatic posting by setting the Spam Protection Level for Public Users to 'HIGH'. This requires a CAPTCHA test (some characters on screen that the human needs to enter) before the post can be submitted.