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Backup your SITE DESIGN

If you are editing a Template, Layout or Theme on your web site first create a copy of it to work on. This will enable you to revert back to the original if you realise you’ve made a mistake after saving your changes.

It’s also worth creating a copy of your live template, after your changes have been made just in case someone makes unwanted modifications in the future.

Copying a Template

There are two options when copying a template, you can either copy the individual template which will give you just that layout, and it will share the assets with the rest of the templates in that group, or you can make an 'Independent Copy' which will also copy all the assets associated with that template, the images and CSS files, for example.
  1. Enter the Site Design area under Settings. If the Template section doesn't open immediately click on the Template tab at the top.
  2. Locate the template you wish to make a copy of and click on either the 'Linked Copy' template-arrow which will copy just this layout, or the 'Independent Copy' template-group link which will make a copy of all of the assets included in the template.